What is Content Marketing?

Reuben | December 17th, 2020

Content Marketing – A Definition

Content Marketing is a considered marketing strategy focused on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content. The aim of which is to attract and retain a clearly defined audience resulting in profitable customer action.

So What Does That Actually Mean?

Here’s a little real life example of how a business’ content marketing might work:

A 28 year old professional from the US who needs to learn French for their new job, but struggles with it, types into google “tips how to learn French”

The first (not payed) search result that comes up is: “Studying French is easy : 10 tips to learn French”.

At the bottom of the post, it suggests reading another of its articles: “Top 10 Netflix series for learning French”.

This then leads to: “Why Learn French in France”.

The user has just read three great informative articles and is already engaging with the brand. Finding the information they wanted and being inspired by the content.

The articles capture the attention of the user by providing relatable, real world examples of how using technology they already have (Netflix in this example) can help them to achieve their goal of learning French.

On the menu they then click on “Courses for Adults”, but before jumping to the actual products, they click on “Our residence”.

This article is aspirational and introduces the user to the experience they could have. The photography highlights the beautiful accommodation with young adults enjoying the swimming pool in the sun.  The page highlights all the things a young adult might look for from a holiday. It’s not focused on the actual product itself, but is intended to make the reader want to be there.

Maybe later that day, or after following the blog for a while still engaged with the content, they think to themselves… why not? This then leads to them checking out the products and hopefully making a purchase.

The Content Marketing Conversion Funnel 

There are three basic stages (AKA ‘the conversion funnel’) the user subconsciously went through, thanks the school’s content marketing :

What Value Can I Offer?

People are busy. They are bombarded with information more than ever before.

You need to have a really good reason for why they should dedicate their time to consume your content. By giving them what they want: Content that matters. Something worth their valuable time.

It can be:

Popular ways to give value are: How to guides, Lists (Top 10 Reasons to Visit Paris….), product reviews, product comparison, resort guides,interviews, checklists, case studies etc.

Types Of Content Formats – Which One To Choose? 

There are many different content formats, each with their own pros and cons. If you are just beginning to create, then these ones are the easiest to begin with.

Each one of them can be learnt, practiced and mastered but anyone can begin right now! (and we encourage you to!).

Blogging – Using text

Blogs are easy to set up. It does not require any equipment, apart from a laptop or desktop and a working internet connection, so it can be set-up pretty fast and on a low-cost budget.

The biggest plus is the SEO (google ranking) it gives you.

Video – Visual content

Visual experience is often more engaging and interactive compared to conventional blogging. A lot of users prefer to watch videos over reading lengthy written material.

It does require more equipment and skills than blogging, but  videos can be widely shared across many platforms providing a lot of exposure. We all have smartphone’s  with a camera these days so there’s no reason not to make a start on some visual content.

Podcast – Audio content

Podcasts offer a completely different angle, media that can be consumed at almost anytime or place. It’s possible to engage with your audience while they are driving to work, working out at the gym or walking the dog for example. Audio content brings a new experience that text-format could never give. In a way, it represents a new platform for storytelling.

*tip – You can combine two together to maximise the impact.
For example, make a blog post on your website that has a video (or an audio podcast) at the top of the page and then a text underneath (this can be the transcript as well).

Different Channels – Where to Distribute For Maximum Exposure?

So where do you post your articles, how do people get to see your videos:

How Can Content Marketing Help Your Brand?

Creating content is time consuming and can sometimes be financially costly too.

Just being a source of information or providing inspirational videos is lovely but at the end of the day, your business needs to grow.

Here are the main ways content marketing can drive your business forward:

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that focuses on building a strong relationship with your target audience by giving them high-quality content that is very relevant to them on a consistent basis. When done successfully, the results can be game changing.

What’s Next? What Should I Do?

Don’t wait… begin experimenting with it!

Sometimes we think too much and eventually don’t do anything at all.

So Ask yourself now:


Want to learn more? 

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