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Bring in more customers by capturing your properties’ best features through professional and high quality real estate photography.

Basic - 380€ HT

Types of Property: Studios, T2 & T3 apartments:

  • Up to 8 photos in digital format
  • Up to 2 hours on site
  • Image editing and retouching
  • Turn around time: 2 weeks

Standard - 650€ HT

Types of Properties: Large chalets and apartments up to 5 bedrooms:

  • Up to 15 photos in digital format
  • Up to 4 hours on site
  • Image editing and retouching
  • Turn around time: 2 weeks

Premium - 1.200€ HT

Prestige chalets and luxury apartments up to 7 bedrooms:

  • Up to 30 photos in digital format
  • Up to 8 hours on site
  • Image editing and retouching
  • Turn around time: 2 weeks

Your Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time to take pictures of your property depends on the spaces booked to be photographed – whether they are interior or exterior.

Some locations will look best during the day, with or without direct sunlight.

For others, it’s better to wait until the end of the day when the sun sets. Closed and windowless places can be photographed at any time.

Together we can plan the best time slots that will suit the interior and exterior spaces to be photographed. The photography sessions can therefore be spread over several days if necessary.

There is no such thing as an ideal number. It all depends on how much you want to show to your potential customers/buyers.

Every indoor and outdoor space you want to show will need at least one photo. Some spaces will have to be photographed from different angles and will therefore require several shots.

StoryCrafters will advise you on the number of photos that will demonstrate the essence of your property and present it in the best light.

Photos may only be used to promote the property for which you have ordered real estate photos from us.

Photos may be used by a third party on the condition that an additional payment of 25% of the original price of the photo session is made to us (StoryCrafters).

For example: you are a Tour Operator and use our services to photograph a chalet that you rent out to vacationers, StoryCrafters charges you a flat rate of €1,000 for this service. The interior designer who worked on this chalet will not be able to use the photos to promote his business, unless he pays StoryCrafters a payment of €250, which is 25% of the initial price.

Note that a single photo can be used by a third party for a singular fee of €50.

For most indoor photos, the weather is irrelevant and we can easily adapt with lighting.

For outdoor shoots, we schedule them according to the weather forecast. If the weather is still not good on the day, we can postpone the most important shots.

The customer booking the photography session is responsible for furnishing his property to attract holidaymakers and/or buyers.

During the photography session, the photographer’s focus is on the shots. However, he may have to move certain objects to optimise the final result according to his experience and his taste for design.

Note that you can, if you wish, call on a home staging specialist to beautify your property but most of the time we can work without it.

The packages offered here do not include aerial photos taken by drone.

Our travel costs are covered within the price for properties located within a 45 minute drive of Morzine. Additional charges may apply beyond that.

The rates mentioned on our website are given as guidance prices and offers. These may be adjusted according to your specific needs so do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

Why Hire a
Professional Photographer

To Attract More Potential Customers

However charming your property may be, it is essential to highlight that with high quality photos. Otherwise, you could get left behind and your property may go unnoticed.

With beautiful photography you are far more likely to generate interest from renters or buyers and, this way, your investment will quickly pay for itself.

To Inspire Confidence

As a real estate specialist, your real estate photos must reflect your brand image. Therefore, it is really important that you make a good impression with professional and high quality photos. These will not only attract buyers but enhance your credibility and inspire confidence.

To Sell and/or Rent Successfully

Beautiful real estate photos will help to capture your potential customers’ attention. By projecting the best possible image and features of your property, customers will be far more likely to buy or rent your property as opposed to those without such visuals.


3 Reasons to Choose StoryCrafters

Our Expertise

At StoryCrafters, we have many years of experience in photography and audiovisual production. We have mastered the ability to create compositions and utilise lighting in the most effective ways that will highlight the best parts of properties.

Our Skills

We understand the complexities of colorimetry and lighting in photography in order to capture the beauty and atmosphere of your properties.

Our Professionalism

When you entrust StoryCrafters with the responsibility of photographing your property, we guarantee the highest quality results along with honest advice, dedicated assistance and a fully personalised service.

Our photographer, Reuben Shaul, is a seasoned professional, passionate photographer and a lover of a job well done.


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