Corporate Photography and Videography

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Promote your business and tell your story through professional corporate videos and photography which reflects the high quality of your services.

Freelancers and Craftsmen - €380 HT

We offer corporate portraits and behind-the-scenes photos of your freelance work:

  • Up to 30 photos in digital format
  • Up to 2 hours on site
  • Image editing and retouching
  • Delivery time: 2 weeks

Small and Medium-sized Businesses - €780 HT

Corporate portraits and behind-the-scenes photos of your small – medium sized business:

  • Up to 50 photos in digital format
  • Up to 4 hours on site
  • Image editing and retouching
  • Delivery time: 2 weeks

Promotional Company Video - € 1200 HT

Capture your customer’s attention by telling the story of your brand through a promotional video:

  • Up to 3 mins of video
  • Up to 4 hours on site
  • Video montage
  • Delivery time: 4 weeks

Custom Corporate Photography & Videography

We offer a bespoke service of corporate photography and/or video projects to suit different needs:

  • Shooting on site: 150€/hour HT
  • Photo editing or video editing: €65/hour HT
  • Duration of the service: 2 hours or more

Your Frequently Asked Questions

We include research and video planning services (location suggestions, video storyboarding, script writing) in packages starting at €750 including tax. If your chosen package is below €750 then we offer these services for an additional €50 fee per hour.

Why Hire a
Professional Photographer

To Tell Your Story

Your history and values are the DNA of your company.

By hiring us to craft your story into high quality photography and film you can present your businesses’ core principles to customers in a way that reflects your exceptional standards and make your business stand out.

To Capture Your Customer’s Attention

Using high quality photography to demonstrate how your business operates is a fantastic way to draw people in and spark interest and curiosity in your brand.

Visuals are an excellent tool for engagement and people are more likely to use your services if they understand you and your inspirations.

To Exhibit Your Expertise

Presenting the members of your team, your premises, your know-how and your businesses’ achievements through high quality images, helps to create credibility and familiarise your future customers with your services.

This way they are more likely to go to your business rather than businesses which lack visual presentation on their websites and marketing campaigns.


3 Reasons to Choose StoryCrafters

Our Expertise

At StoryCrafters, we have many years of experience in photography and audiovisual production. We have mastered the ability to create compositions and utilise lighting in the most effective ways that will highlight the best parts of you and your business.

Our Skills and Technique

At StoryCrafters we are dedicated to achieving the perfect shot. We understand what are the best angles, lighting, composition and atmosphere to ensure your photos and videos highlight the authenticity of the people behind your brand.

Our Professionalism

When you entrust StoryCrafters with the responsibility of creating corporate videos and photographing your business, we guarantee the highest quality results along with honest advice, dedicated assistance and a fully personalised service.

Our photographer, Reuben Shaul, is a seasoned professional, passionate photographer and a lover of a job well done.


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