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Add a delicious visual touch to your marketing with tastefully prepared culinary photos and videos.

Food Photography - 750€ HT

This package includes photography of 6 dishes, 5 behind the scenes photos , 5 photos of food being enjoyed, 4 staff photos, 4 interior photos and 2 exterior photos of the restaurant:

  • Up to 26 digital format photos
  • Up to 4 hours on site
  • Editing and image retouching
  • Delivery: In 2 weeks

Food Videography - 750€ HT

This package includes several short videos of your dishes and footage of behind-the-scenes, customers and staff, as well as interior and exterior shots of the restaurant.

  • Up to 4 hours on site
  • Video editing
  • Delivery: In 3 weeks

Custom Packages - Approximate Hourly Rate

Within our custom package we can work with you on your video and photography requirements:

  • On-site shooting: 150€/hour HT
  • Photo editing or video editing: 65€/hour HT
  • Duration: At least 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experience in food staging allows us to create well presented and professional culinary photos and videos.

However, for optimal results, we appreciate being accompanied during the shoot by a member of your staff who can arrange the plates in an aesthetic manner to your liking, so that we can focus on the technical aspect of photo and video production.

A food photo shoot requires a certain amount of preparation time and several takes, so we carry it out outside of restaurant opening hours. This means the final result is of a higher quality and we don’t interrupt your busy service.

Our packages, equal to or greater than €750, include one hour of planning and research to prepare for the photo and video session. You can pay an additional fee of  €50 to include this extra service on packages below €750

Stop motion is an excellent way to animate still images. It allows you to attract attention by highlighting delicious plates with interesting and original videography.

However, stop motion requires a lot more time than a typical video so this type of production should be reserved for projects where it is truly relevant.

Why Hire a
Professional Photographer

To Tantalise the Taste Buds of Potential Customers

Unlike photos taken quickly with a smartphone, culinary photos taken by a professional highlights the variety of foods and showcases colours, textures, and the attention to detail paid by your chefs.

High quality images make the mouth water and encourage people to come and taste your menu directly at the restaurant.

Beautiful photos are a key element in attracting new customers and the investment quickly pays for itself.

To Ensure Your Cuisine Stands Out From the Competition

The quality of professional culinary photos is an undeniable asset when competing with other restaurants that offer the same type of cuisine as you.

Customers are more likely to visit an establishment that boasts incredible looking dishes of the highest standards.

To Showcase your Establishment

People love to see what’s going on in the kitchens and behind the scenes of the restaurants they visit.

Professional culinary photographs are perfect for highlighting the dining room, the kitchen and your staff as they prepare the next meal that customers can’t wait to try.


3 Reasons to Choose StoryCrafters

Our expertise

At StoryCrafters, we have many years of experience in culinary photography and audiovisual production.

We have mastered our skills in scenography, composition and lighting to ensure your images highlight the delectable dishes and desserts served at your restaurant.

The Results

We work hard to achieve the most exceptional results to help your business bring in customers.

Our attention to the colour, lighting, editing and retouching of your photos and videos means your dishes will look irresistible in the final images.

Our professionalism

When you entrust StoryCrafters with the responsibility of producing your culinary photography and videography, we guarantee the highest quality results along with honest advice, dedicated assistance and a fully personalised service.

Our professional photographer, Reuben Shaul, is a seasoned culinary photographer and a lover of a job well done.


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